Airmageddon Gathering - 2003

On July 11 - 13th, 2003, Members of Airmageddon met in Dayton Ohio to do a little coaster action at King' Island, catch the opening weekend of Pirates of the Caribbean, and tour the USAF Museum.  Here are some pictures from that weekend.  Had a great time folks!!!  Next gathering is in Pensacola Florida, June 18 - 20, 2004  Hope to see everybody there!!

Stink Interviewing New Recuit ( Spongebob.. in preparation for future submarine enhancements to AH )

Always in search of better cadet preparedness, Drone inspects The Eagle Squadron Training Facility at King's Island amusement park.   Detail of King's Island Eagle Squadron Cadet Training Facility.

Smuz and Flyer in front of the 'Son of Beast' Rollercoaster at King's Island.  Definately the most painful coaster I ( Drone ) have ever ridden. Been there.. done that.. not again..

Hence the need for checking out Eagle Squadron pictured above

Drone Stink and Rotty.  Would you honestly trust your plane in the hands of these three??

Smuz Awards Drone with Acrylic trophy containing the names of all members of Airmageddon. Thanks folks!!!     ( The head in the foreground belongs to Honda )

Seen at the Air Force Museum.