The Airmageddon Way

Membership Requirements and Expectations:

Requirements for membership: 

-You must be at least 16 years old or have  a parent that is an active member.  

-You must have a paid subscription to Aces High.  In the event that you allow your subscription to lapse or otherwise become inactive, you will be placed on our inactive roster until such time as you ask to be removed. 

Ethical Requirements:

Main Arena: We generally fly as Rooks in the Main Arena, though this may change as situations warrant.  In the event a country change has been made, you will fly for that designated country.

Special Events: When participating in a special event, we adhere to the orders given by those entrusted with command.  

Squad Nights: We conduct squad nights on Sundays and on other days as determined.  During these times, you are required to participate with the squad in whatever missions or assigned tasks that are decried by the commander in charge for that evening.

Non-Squad Nights:  During non-squad nights, you may do your own thing in the main or any other arena.

Chain of Command:  Airmageddon is loosely structured under the guise of the USAF.  Generals, or the senior officer in charge,  have the final say in any on-line issue. If there is a question of authority, check the roster. It is sorted by rank. It is common courtesy to respect this rank.  Should you disagree with decisions made, you are encouraged to propose alternatives, however, should the original decision be decreed to stand, you should abide by it and, if you feel the situation warrants,  bring up issues off-line in an E-mail to the commanders responsible.  

Attitude:  "The Airmageddon Way" is a peaceful, helpful existence with our squadmates and countrymen. We do what we can, where we can, for our squadmates, friendly squads, or other countrymen that need our help.  We don't argue with people and, for the most part, will just ignore any bickering we see.  We do not antagonize our countrymen, even when we fail to understand the actions of others. We speak with our guns, bombs, and honor.  We 'play nice'.

Bad attitudes, venting, and incessant griping are not tolerated.  An occasional outburst is understandable, but continued venting does absolutely no good for the squad and severely jeopardizes the fun that others may be experiencing. If, for nothing else, you should minimize your outbursts out of respect for your squadmates. If/when you find that you cannot control yourself, log off and stew outside.

Summary: These are the guidelines by which Airmageddon exists. As with anything that is subjective, exceptions may be made given just cause.  The final decisions and enforcement rest with the CO, XO, and other senior officers.  Our responsibilities are to provide a squad environment that is fun and enjoyable to its membership.